Grilier Rosemary-Sage

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Grilier Gourmet  Nº03 – Rosemary-Sage

Rosemary have a bitter taste and a characteristic aroma which complements meats perfectly. When roasted with meats or vegetables, the leaves impart a mustard-like aroma with an additional woody fragrance. Sage has for generations been listed as one of the essential herbs. It has a savory, slightly peppery flavor. This variety of Grilier Gourmet is fantastic with Game Meats and Red Meats, providing the right combination of a woody mustard-like aroma with the characteristic edge a peppery flavor.  

Healthy, tasty and easy to use.

Grilier Gourmet is an innovative barbecue seasoning block. Our product provides a healthy seasoning alternative: free of salt, sugar and gluten, without any fats or calories, and compatible with keto, paleo, and vegan diets. Just place the blocks over fire to season your food… just as simple!

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How does it work?

Simple as placing the blocks over fire!

  1. Just place the briquettes over the red hot coal or the burner respectively.
  2. Thanks to its combustion, the blocks will start to generate seasoned smoke that will season your food to perfection.
  3. When the blocks start to smoke seasoned smoke, place your food over the grill and close the grill lid*.  

Your food will get seasoned while it’s being cooked!

* For grills without lid: Use a tin foil tray or aluminium foil, to create a grill lid to encapsulate the smoke.



This culinary technique offers in addition to its flavoring effectiveness, the advantage of seasoning without the need to incorporate elements such as sodium, sugar and gluten among its key ingredients.


Compatible with any diet.

Grilier blocks are free of calories and fats and fully compatible with any kind of diet: keto, paleo or vegan.



Grilier is made with complementary herbs, carefully selected to match the different kinds of food that you can enjoy in your barbecue.


Unleash your creativity.

Our product does not limit your imagination when it comes to developing new flavors and experiences. It is possible to mix different varieties together,or combine them with rubs or marinades. Unlimited creativity and taste.


Compatible with any kind of grill.

Grilier Gourmet blocks work well with charcoal or gas grills.


Four Flavors.

Nº03 - Rosemary and Sage for game meats and red meats.
Nº05 - Basil for chicken and vegetables.
Nº07 - Oregano for chicken and fish.
Nº10 - Dill & Thyme for fish.




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